Mechanic using a wrench under a vehicle looking upwards

Fire and Gritter

CTS Vehicle Services help look after Kent through our work with the Fire and Rescue fleets in the county, and by maintaining gritting vehicles which keep the roads of Kent open and moving during the winter months.

The Fire and Gritter team are responsible for looking after the mechanical needs of the Fire and Rescue fleets in Kent as well as the fleets associated reserve and special purpose vehicles. The team also provides a service and maintenance contract on specialist gritting vehicles that are used on the roads and motorway network across the South East.

The team consists of 9 highly trained and experienced mechanics who regularly undergo training provided by the vehicle and body manufacturers, in addition to the standard in house training programme.

In order to keep these specialist vehicles on the road and ready for action, maintenance is carried out off site and the team are on call 24 hours a day to keep these vehicles mobile.

The team also has a dedicated electrician who provides expert assistance to the team with regard to the installation of blue light equipment, Kent Fire and Rescue station cars and has also undertaken a major project to re-install Kent Fire and Rescue Service mobile data terminals into all of the serving appliances.

For more information on the work we do with specialist vehicles email or call us today on 01622 236800 to speak directly to one of the team.