Sep 17, 2014

Car tax is going online. Don't get caught out!

Like CTS Vehicle Services, the introduction of paper tax discs dates back to the 1920s and literally thousands of vehicles have passed through our workshops since then. Many of our team of over 25 mechanics and technicians have worked for CTS for over 30 years and the news that the discs will become obsolete from 1 October 2014 (in favour of an online payments system) was greeted with some disappointment.

old car

Nostalgia aside, from 1 October, drivers will have to manage their road tax online or through the Post Office . From that date, DVLA and police cameras with number plate recognition technology will automatically check whether a vehicle is taxed and the fine for driving with no tax could be as high as £1,000.

Furthermore, people selling their cars can no longer pass on the unused portion of their car tax to the new owner. Instead, they must inform the DVLA that their car has been sold by returning the V5C document and claim a road tax refund. If they fail to notify the DVLA, they risk a £1,000 fine and they are also liable for any driving offences that the new owner may commit.

To register online, drivers need the number on the V11 reminder letter, or log book reference number. The online system will automatically check if the car is insured and if it has an MOT certificate.  Payment can be made by Direct Debit.

The online system means the end of the ‘it’s in the post’ excuse so drivers are advised to check their existing paper tax discs to find out when they run out – and  book the car in for a service and MOT before the expiry date.

For car service customers, CTS offers a pick up/drop off service within a 5 mile radius. MOTs usually take less than an hour at a promotional cost of £37.50.

To book your car in for a service/MOT contact CTS on 01622 236 800