Jun 19, 2014

Under wraps at CTS

For the thousands of supporters who lined the streets of North London on 18 May to celebrate Arsenal’s FA win, the victory parade’s two open top buses provided a clear view of their heroes. But for CTS Vehicle Services, there was relief that the vehicle that had been hidden in their workshop was finally out in the open.

cts team

A week before the parade, UPG Printers, one of CTS’s supplier partners, had asked CTS if they could use part of the workshop to carry out the top-secret wrapping of one of the buses, the Routemaster, because they needed a high ceiling and secure premises.

For five days, curious CTS mechanics and engineers sneaked peeks of the work in progress, but they managed to keep it under wraps until a photographer lurking outside took a picture of the back of the bus just as the workshop doors were closing. The story made the national papers two days before the match, claiming: “Arsenal have jumped the gun!”

Fortunately, Arsenal won the trophy so the wrapping work was not in vain – but when the Routemaster returned to UPG to have the vinyls removed after the parade, word quickly spread and hundreds of people turned up at UPGs forecourt to hop on the iconic bus and take photos.

Despite the excitement, Nigel Blackman, CTS Business Development Manager, was pleased that they were able to help with the wrapping project: “CTS has worked with UPG Printers many times and they are one of our approved suppliers but, more importantly, as their workshop is across the road they are our neighbours.
“Until last month, I suspect that Beddow Way has never experienced quite so much drama!”