Jun 17, 2014

Double accreditation celebration

Following a lengthy and rigorous inspection process, CTS Vehicle Services has been awarded the ISO 9001 and PAS 125 - two major motor industry accreditations and the auditor, Kevin Porter, visited the Aylesford depot on 18th December to present the certificates.

According to Kevin, Managing Director of CARSQA, “it is unusual for a company to apply for both at the same time. CTS is a diverse business offering a wide variety of services and I have been very impressed with the skills of the staff.”

The Business Development Manager, Nigel Blackman, who was responsible for steering staff through the accreditation process explains, “I knew that applying for both accreditations consecutively was an ambitious project and it did require a great deal of time and effort over an intense four month period, but it has also brought the team closer together and it is great to recognise our joint achievement today.”

cts team


For customers, PAS 125 and ISO 9001 means they can be confident that CTS Vehicle Services operates a safe and secure workplace that complies with stringent environmental and legislative regulations. While the accreditations give assurance to individual clients bringing in their vehicles for a service, MOT, repair or re-spray, they are of particular interest to corporate customers.

The accreditations are also good news for one of the company’s suppliers, Brown Brothers, which contributed £15,000 to the cost of the accreditation application. According to Graeme Laidlaw, Brown Brothers’ Area Salesman: “as a specialist paint distributor, we have supplied CTS Vehicle Services with products for many years and we were so confident with the quality of their staff and business processes that we had no hesitation in investing in the accreditation process. We have seen the difference it makes to our other clients’ businesses and we are delighted that CTS has already secured new contracts.”

The motor industry demands high standards and CTS Vehicle Services is looking forward to a busy but challenging year.